Top Country Music Festivals

If you enjoy music festivals and love country music, you are in the right place. Country music festivals take place every year throughout different seasons. These festivals are known for good food, shopping stalls, and live entertainment from the most popular country music artists like Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, and Keith Urban. There are enough music festivals taking place throughout the year to always keep us occupied and entertained. Here are some of the most loved country music festivals that you can go to.


Stagecoach takes place in the same area where Coachella takes place, but this festival is entirely dedicated to country music. This is a perfect three-day festival that provides young and old country music lovers a beautiful time. You can also enjoy the joy rides around the festival area while you attend your favorite country music artists’ concerts.

WE Fest


It is one of the leading country music festivals for over 40 years, which brings out over 50,000 fans every year. This festival has become a tradition for country music lovers over the years. WE Fest takes place in a natural amphitheater located at the Soo Pass Ranch. It also hosts over 50 independent stalls along with an endless supply of delicious local foods.

CMA Music Festival

The CMA Music Festival has featured over 400 unique artists over 30 years of celebration. It is a part of the CMA Foundation, which helps in highlighting and sustaining the traditional music programs across the country. The festival welcomes over 50,000 guests every year who enjoy listening to their favorite artists and also support the cause of the CMA Foundation.

Old Settler’s Music Festival

Old Settler’s Music Festival is a family festival that takes place every year. It is a campout festival that promises to offer an energetic atmosphere and a traditional lineup of popular country music artists. OSMF offers much more than music to families that can spend three days camping at the festival site and enjoy exploring the workshops, music stores, food, and also take part in talent competitions.

Rock the South

Rock the South was originally a concert that was hosted to celebrate the recovery of Alabama from a tornado. The festival has expanded ever since and has continued to raise money for the community. Every year, something new is added to the festival, which invites new people around the country and around the world. Rock the South will take place in June at Cullman, Alabama, in the coming year.

Gulf Coast Jam

Gulf Coast Jam takes place in one of Florida’s beautiful beaches every year, where the best artists in country music gather to celebrate country music. It is a unique experience for every country music lover, although a bit expensive. Enjoy the clear blue waters around the island of Panama City every September while the local cuisines and culture amaze you during the tours alongside this festival.

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